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words first

some sense later

someday, somewhere, somehow...

meantime gotta see "who when" decided to be my friend.

PS: You may wonder why I don't often use a user pic but you would be amazed how much looks just like me when I take my hat off. :P

but for some visuals and me info you can look at this journal entry and this one too.

Recordings are an important part of my life, I've got some listed on rateyourmusic.com:

I buy books too, mostly from the thrift store:

13th floor elevators, akbar del piombo, alban berg, alexander laszlo, alton brown, anonymous sex, anthropology, anton chekhov, anton webern, black sparrow press, blue lu barker, burning spear, captain beefheart, charles bukowski, charles mingus, charles reznikoff, chester himes, chuck carbo, clara rockmore, colors, cultural evolution, danny barker, dark, diana rigg, earl king, eddie cochran, elisabeth langgasser, eric dolphy, ernest kador, evolutionary psychology, farfisa organ, fetish diva midori, fosco maraini, george bataille, george herriman, gil evans, goethe, gottfried benn, harriet daimler, harry smith, history, hugo wolf, iggy pop, james carroll booker iii, jelly roll morton, jerry mander, jerry pournelle, john fante, john moran, johnny depp, julie sahni, junichiro tanizaki, kenneth patchen, kumimonster, leonid theremin, light, lorenzo milam, man ray, mark twain, masuimi, maurice girodias, maxwell bodenheim, mistress persephone, mozart, nervebreakers, norman rubington, ordered and disordered words, ornette coleman, osip emilievitch mandelstam, parker tyler, pickle and sandbox, pierre boulez, raymond queneau, robert wyatt, roky erickson, sadakichi hartmann, samuel hoffman, samurai fiction, sarah blaffer hrdy, schiller, shaye saint john, shinjuku, smiley lewis, sociobiology, sound, strongbad, takeshi kaiko, thelonius monk, tim burton, tony bourdain, velvet underground and nico, ventures, walt kelly, witold gombrowicz, women in latex, world cultures and traditions, zbigniew herbert,