nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

land of dreams

Finally watched DVD of movie on the book "Ask the Dust" by John Fante.

picture copped from here.

I liked the movie. (Selma Hayak is screen goddess to me.) Could it have been better? Maybe. Definitely could have been done differently, but this is Towne and his visual team's paean to L.A. of '33 as inspired by Fante. I picture a grittier L.A contrasting with the gloss of L.A of aspirations.

In my dotage I'm recalling moments like when I found my copy of a Bantam printing of "Ask the Dust". At the time I was scouring any used book store for any book that seemed interesting. Around 77 or 78 I had made a trip to Washington DC vaguely in support of the radio station project. I was hitch hiking. Had stopped in Virginia to visit friends before heading back to NOLA. Someone had a errand and I waited browsing in a used book store. In a pile of cheap paperbacks the cover grabbed me. I didn't really know about Fante. The name might have been familiar, I had read it before in Bukowski's work but didn't make the connection. When we got back to my friend's place they asked if I had found anything and I showed the book and they pointed out that I had made quite a find. I read it two or three times. Still have it in a box somewhere if the roaches haven't devoured it or it hasn't gone to dust. Doubt anyone could read it now. Page would likely crumble.
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