nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

Quick note: start of week with family

A nephew is getting married this Saturday and so I decided to come (I'm here already) to Oklahoma to spend a week visiting Mom and whomever shows up for Billy's wedding.

As has become my habit, driving into town stopped at the liquor store for beer (a Choc variety 6 pack and a Shiner variety 6 pack) and wanting a bit of something else got a small bottle of Patron XO Cafe. This stuff is dangerous because it is sweet and smooth coffee liquor. 35%. So some nuts and 2 beers and some pickled okra and a double of XO and I am going to settle in to continue the book I've brought for the trip. John Peel auto bio up to a point and then bio completed by his wife after his death on the trip to Machu Picchu.

As the age of IPAD and Kindle and text devices dominates, on the plane, as I put the book away to ready for landing, I fantasized about a flight attendant in the not too far off future being thrown off by a passenger reading a book. Sir, we are starting our descent, please turn off and put away all electronic devices. Puzzled response. But it is a book. Not electronic. Paper. No battery, no transmitter. The exchange continues with the point being that the enforcer of the rule expects the passenger to be in a state of passive alertness, not distracted by anything. But the rules say nothing of a passenger focusing on something without buttons or on off switch. This is a safety hazzard. The final result being that books are banned from flights with the dual threat of distracting passengers when not authorized as well as paper being a fire hazzard.

John Peel's English wit beckons. A good night all.
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