nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

Be Warned Ye Who Happen to glance this way

I resolve to become an active journaler. There are several that I read a couple times a week, going through their nearly daily entries. I sometimes reply, not often, but reading the live encounters of someone who has a point of view and can express it in writing. Can I aspire to the same.

The trivia of my daily and over arching is complex and involves many people, most of whom are already not happy with me. So I won't drag them into this. Instead, I will bash out some paragraphs around my main obsession. Music.

The NW (new wife) is encyclopedic in her knowledge of pop and mainstream jazz and her taste only tangentially matches mine so I will see if see can filter my obscure rants. But I start without her guidance since I start with commenting on my initial obsessions and infatuations.

Early days, in Amarillo TX, in the early 60s I already preferred the "oldies" station. Strange since most of the tunes were not so old then, just a couple years old: Chuck Berry "Mabelline" I preferred over his "Johnny Be Goode" but at least the latter was Chuck Berry. Johnny Cash and Marty Robbins stood out from the rest of the C&W pack that was the main fare on local radio.

As I moved from elementary school to Jr. high, and to the chance to play the Slingerland drum set I got to check out for a couple of weekends from school, I began to listen closely to the Ventures, disdaining the drum solo for the ensemble work. My father had a co-worker who happened to be the father of Jimmy Gilmer. I wonder if I will ever find that white jacket demo album we got from him. Is it just a novelty of a demo of their ATCO album or is it e-bay potential of a pre-contract local demo. The local lament is that the Beatles killed Gilmer's career. I thought the Beatles were silly as I reluctantly watched the Ed Sullivan show. I wanted more more more as I saw and heard Rasaan Rolank Kirk be heard from the audience. It was years before I got to get his records. Vague memory scars faint but traceable. Besides that was a couple years later so getting ahead of myself.

So let's leave it with Ventures, Robbins and Cash. And Berry. Oh, yeah, and the Everly Brothers. Plus that stack of 45s I got from J.C. Penny in that 11 for a dollar sale. Two stand outs: "Short Shorts" / "Leotards" and "Please Mr. Custer". The later of which I was entertained to hear Iggy Pop make reference to on a tune on either New Values or Blah Blah Blah. Whatever. Beer is wearing off. Better post before I think better of it and delete.
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