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Lots of posts about how hot it is (cue Lou Reed: "Wild Child" "...then we spoke of the rain, always back to the rain." and I have been contemplating making my own say about it, too. 'Course I growed up in the arid panhandle, then mostly lived in Houston, Dallas and New Orleans, before coming up to NYC so lots of heat and humidity in my background. So the heat of the summer is fairly nostalgic. I spent most of my youth in marginally cooled houses, particularly after I left out at age 19 and lived the boho wanna be I dunno what life. I can recall certain times and changes (moving from Amarillo to Houston in '65; returning to NOLA after being away) with remembrances of heat and humidity.

Saturday morning standing near a window, there was the smell of the plants in the landlord's yard/garden giving up their moisture as the sun starts to bear down on them. That placed me back into many back yards of my past, when in summer I got up and out of the house at the crack of dawn, or at least by 7am, to get out and play and enjoy being outside with nothing to do except to explore the world of the neighborhood. The heat of the day beginning to bear down was a cue to my fair skinned head that I should look for shade. The coming of the heat of the day was a moment for pause and decision, about how I was going to spend the rest of the day.

More nostalgia: a link about Sex Pistols in Dallas.

That show was on my 27th birthday (shout out to Amy Winehouse and other members of the dead at 27 club). My best rock and roll friends, with whom I had played a few times, opened for that show. Months earlier they had opened for the Ramones on one of the first times that the Ramones played in Dallas. Each time I missed the show. I had left the quest to conquer youth culture with rock and roll to play with minds with radio.

For the Ramones show, I helped bring some Nervebreaker equipment to the venue in my pickup. Barry and I unloaded it and I hung around a little bit but sound checks are boring as shit if you either are not star struck or actually setting up the equipment and I had to be somewhere, so I didn't stick around long. I don't remember what it was that kept me from staying for the Ramones show, but probably had to be somewhere in another city and had to get on the highway. I was something of a traveling radio agitator for a bit.

For the Pistols show, I remember the weekend and have rehashed it in my mind many times. Looking at reports of the Pistols shows, reading Barry's write up of the that night in the Nervebreaker their story. Curious symmetry to that weekend. The Pistols played in just a few places, and three of them were closely tied to my path. New Orleans, San Antonio, Dallas.

They played at Randy's in San Antonio which was just a few hundred yards from where I lived there in about 72 - 74 (Mike and Thom of future Nervebreaker fame had visited me there 16 November 1973, where immediately upon their arrival we had trekked a block to watch the Bowie 1980 Floor show (I didn't have a tv) at the home of a friendly but puzzled young GI and his wife with whom I was acquainted.

The night the Pistols played in Dallas, I slept over night with friends in San Antonio. I had previously coordinated this trip to New Orleans to stop and visit some people whom I hadn't seen for a while.

On Monday, in New Orleans I had one of the most important meetings that set the stage for getting the permit for what became WWOZ.

So that weekend, of my 27th birthday, I was making the same stop overs as the Pistols, just going the opposite way. It was well before that that I had made the decision to focus on "community radio" but that weekend emphasized the choice to me then and has provided me a bit of a personal myth when I try to figure out how I got to where I am now and yes, sometimes to ponder the alternate paths not taken.

So, heat and nostalgia. Yeah, I should have been working instead of writing this down. Damn, 8AM is gonna come so damn fast.
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