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Never mind the bollocks, gimme the Buzzcocks

My main source of music these last few years is live shows from Fans from around the world share recordings that used to be available only via pricy low quality boot legs (got a few "Trade Mark of Quality" boot legs from back around 1970/71) or collector trader trees or trades. Dimeadozen isn't the only source for torrent music, but one that I trust and which tries to keep the trading activity legal by not allowing trading of anything that is legally released by the artists nor allowing torrents by artists that for one reason or another just say no: Jorma Kaukonen, ex of the Jefferson Airplane for example.

Anyway, this story of NOT seeing the Buzzcocks on Long Island on a warm Saturday night last year is triggered by finding on dime today that someone had torrented last summer the video they took when seeing the Buzzcocks on another leg of that same tour.

I'll keep it short, sorta.

Started with Google Maps having the venue located significantly in the wrong place. Doubly significant because I live in the city, don't own a car and had carefully planned the evening out. Triple checked the weekend train schedule. Google mapped the area where I thought the venue was to chose a place for dinner and escorted my only mildly interested wife out to the neighborhood. The supposed place of the venue turned out to be very small private country club/private party hall. Not the road house/bar where the show was scheduled.

Make phone call to the venue. Get address. Ask for what train station might be closest to them. Young (very young) lady answering knew nothing about train station (should have been a clue to me) and had to ask someone else what their address is. I asked for major intersection near them, got that. So sitting on the sidewalk outside a diner, in the afternoon sun I squint at google maps on my PDA. After what felt like painful forever, but was probably only 6 or 8 minutes, I thought I had a clue and called the venue again to be sure that the streets / intersections I was seeing in google map on my PDA was indeed near their location. I found a train station that looked reasonably close to the identified intersection.

To get there we had to right the train 2/3 the way back to the city. At the transfer point, verified the train we would take to get to the new station destination, and then instead of the nice dinner I had used to entice the wife out, we hit a cheap but ok Indian diner. Feeding finished, we dashed back into the station and caught a train to the new improved identified venue location.

On the map it looked to be a bit of a distance, but walkable to the intersection where the young lady had said was closest to the venue. Once we get to that intersection, the young lady said, it will be just right by there. After about 10 block walk which took about 25 minutes, we were at the intersection. There was a gas station on one corner. Diner on other corner and the edge of the parking lot of a huge mall on the 3rd corner. I looked about a bit, walking a few hundred feet each way and didn't see anything like the venue. I called again. I asked which way should I go once getting to the intersection. It took a couple of minutes of questions and debate on the other side in regard to establishing which way was I facing before they gave me a reasonably clear indication. Just a couple of minutes they said, just past the next light.

The next light was a couple hundred or maybe even a few hundred yards along a suburban highway along the mall. On the side opposite the mall, which is where we were walking and where the venue was supposed to be, it was mix of weeds growing right up to the edge of the road and scattered strip shopping blocks. Finally just past the 3rd shopping strip we were at the next light. There venue is nowhere to be seen. At this point we have been walking 35 - 40 minutes and there is another traffic light in sight, but looking at least 600 yards to half mile away.

I turned to my quietly suffering wife and told her it was her choice. Keep walking or turn back. I didn't know how much further, maybe as far as the far off next traffic light. She worried not only about the additional distance, but if it was so far away, then it would be a long walk back to the station after the show and then we would be possibly getting into the time when the trains only ran once an hour and we don't get home until 3am or worse. I did suggest that we could probably call a taxi a the club for getting back to the station, but she worried that 11 something at night we couldn't be sure to get a taxi. So I accepted going back. I felt bad that I had drug her out for this long wild goose chase.

We walked back to the station. It was just past 9pm when we got there and we had to wait half an hour for the next train. Standing there I saw that there was two taxi companies with offices right there by the station and so I could have easily taken a taxi to the venue and arranged for one to pick us up, either by us calling or setting a time. All thought in vain for the wife is ready to be back home asap. Fortunately the one train took us all the way to where we could get on a subway near our Queens neighborhood and so we were home around 11pm.

Little was said except that she said no more Long Island adventures unless we have a car.

Monday at work I brought up google maps on the computer to send in complaint/correction for the venue location. When using the google street feature to try to see where along the suburban highway that the venue was actually located I saw that it had been about 30 yards just further. Their sign was set back a bit from the road so it wasn't easily visible from where I had been walking.

So, now finally, through the modern magic of digital sharing among fans and collectors, I get to see a show from the that same tour. Hopefully my computer doesn't fry or the internet connection doesn't go down and this thing downloads at least before next weekend because there are only 3 or 4 seeders and none with any bandwidth to speak of.

Hope the show is better than my story.

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