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hot temp and tempers - words first
some sense later
hot temp and tempers
Weather tipping in the 90s in nyc can make people testy. I've had snarling encounters with several people over the last few days. Nothing that went past the initial snarl. Both or one side recognizing there is no real problem, just something to be done.

But for me, the weather in NYC is still quite mild after a youth and earlier years spent in Texas and New Orleans. One co-worker on the phone recently is down in southern Arizona where the temperature can get into the mid 100s.

Anyway, so if temperature don't bother me so much, why my snarls?

Well if I knew what this pain in my gut really is I'd say. I've been told it's a tiny kidney stone; I've overheard doctors talking among themselves that it may be a kidney/bladder infection or both. After two emergency room visits (the first place referred me to the second place), two MRI, half hour of sonogram, 7 blood tests, 3 urine tests [that was all scattered Thursday to Saturday] the docs finally decided to treat both and this morning so far has been first time since Thursday without fetal position gut clutching pain and without the need of the pain pills to mitigate that gut clutching stuff.

Still drinking plenty of fluids and popping the pills. Don't see the "specialist" until Monday.
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