nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

Pittsburgh, been there, done little or nothing fun filled holiday day

Made holiday venture to Pittsburgh. About the max distance for the cheapo bus day trip venture. Did quick look at the central / triangle city touristing SAT evening and did what we could in 5 hours at Warhola museum before lupper and back on the bus before 5PM. Got somethings to contemplate, since I've long been such a VU/Factory flan. Well well well.

Back to work a day with laundry to d0 and the work that pays the bills demanding attention.

Had memorable (to me) silly in my eyes hit at a Walmart when we had extra 20 minutes at the one bus stop between Pitts and NYC. Cheap new under shirts and socks. I select on the "Made in" as if I am vaguely supporting one foreign economy over others. With my $28 in socks, under Tees, and towels. Eye roll.

Oh, the work computer has finished booting up and the NW is back expecting me to have answered my own question fo what are we going to do the rest of our holiday day. She won't be surprised that I leave her to her own devices because I am called in to work.

Gotta go.
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