nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

behind the 8 ball

Me and Japan.

Me. At work, just finished "lunch" or rather 2nd meal of day (1st meal was donut and couple handfuls of almonds) at 6PM. Have several more hours of work after this little internet break.

I'm so behind because this morning the Teen left for Fukushima, Japan because his grandfather is in a hospital and not expected to pull through (for reasons not really connected to the natural and nuclear disasters). The Teen is very close to his GF. When we found out yesterday morning that his GF is in crisis I had to get the Teen ticketed for air and rail and auto (international driving permit). So yesterday was pretty disrupted.

So today after "lunch" before going back to work I Google a bit about the new expanded evacuation zone in wonder of how close it comes to where the Teen is headed.

I find this link .

He will be near Koriyama for a couple of weeks. My wacky mind keeps coming up with dark humor comments...
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