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Easy Rider - words first — LiveJournal
some sense later
Easy Rider
Watched the DVD last night. First time I saw it I was in the back seat of Stan's car, a Camaro? was it? Stan and Mark in the front seat. At some drive inn in Dallas. I hadn't heard anything about the film, Mark said we should go. Stan, do you remember when that was? Fall 69? or ?

I enjoyed it more now. Back then I couldn't appreciate some of the details of the choices and results of those guys doing what they were doing (Fonda and Hopper). Also it was a bit depressing then. I knew the fear violence by living in Texas. I'd been shot at by dumb kids and seen police use extraordinary force just to assert themselvles. So while understanding the poetic truth of the murders George and the two at the end, I could have enjoyed some hollywood escapism having the hipsters find a way to a new day. blah blah blah.
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