nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

The Bus

The bus. Did I mention the bus. It has been stuck in front of our house for over 24 hours. Last night I was finally falling in and out of sleep with the sound of gunning the engine, grinding the gears and spinning the wheels at past 2AM. This morning I was given reprieve by work so after doing time sheet and some e-mail took a nap for an hour before going in.

Woke up to extra load roar and they had dug/gunned/towed I don't know what all it up 1/4 of a block so it wasn't under our window any more. Went to work and got home and walked up the block to see WTF it was. Manny's transportation has had one of their buses here for over 24 hours. So now they backed it down the block and dug out so that it could make a turn. Straight up the block was too long and up hill all the way. Now they have made the turn onto the side street and likely the next block over is plowed. Now they have the last 40 feet to the next street to get through. But they are still just outside my window.

I started this post before taking my evening shower. I've showered and finished my night time ablutions and they are still trying to get the bus out of here. God. Will I be able to sleep with out bus alternately idling and grinding out side...

i.e. This Sucks!

Of course the 4 guys with shovels who have been working on this for the last few hours aren't having any fun either.
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