nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

wintry snow

Spent the day ripping and burning. CD and DVDs that is. While the ripping was running I clicked a link that led to a link which reminded me of my curiosity of Heidelberg Restaurant in uptown Manhattan on 2nd Avenue. In the next to last link a chef from Heidelberg was cooking a goose and so I decided I had to have mine too. Very good. Like the place. Of course a bit priced because of Manhattan but not so much and a great place.

The couple at the table next to us ordered goose too and took lots of photos so you should be able to search the web for snaps of the goose and they had the chocolate mousse cherry torte thing too.

Now I am finishing the burning while listening to roar of stuck bus out front. It's been going on for about an hour. They can't make a turn and can't make the slight grade up the street. Reminds me how my previous apartment was on the back side of the building and on the 7th floor overlooking a freight train track only used once or twice a day. Bucolic compared to my current place, on the 2nd floor just a block from a major intersection and if everyone else is being quiet then we can hear the 7 train.

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