nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

Knife in the Water

An impulse selection from the video shelf at the library today. Roman Polanski's first full length feature film, as the official description goes. The tension between the characters did hold my attention. So did the spectacles of the lead female character. On the other hand the impulse of the older man to invite the younger man with them on the day trip I just have to accept, it doesn't seem to make sense to me. But never have been one to know the way of machismo.

Went to a new west side midtown restaurant today: Balkanika I think it is called. On 10th around 48th/47th. Good Mediterranean food. We ate light: vegetable spreads sampler with pita, simple salad and robust chicken and vegetable soup. Nice German ale. Forget the name, seen it around. "Certified Organic"... baklava tasty, not overly sweet. Next time the roasted cauliflower calls to me.

Being lazy this weekend. So much I need to do. The storage is not cleaned out. Always tons of things to shift through and clean but I want to rest. to rest.

Oh yes, enjoyed nice free music this afternoon. The Lincoln Center public library location has been having excellent chamber music concerts on Sat/Sun. Today saw Mariam Adam and Evelyn Ulex, TransAtlantic Ensemble they call themselves. Adam is an accomplished clarinetist who has working relationship with Paquito D'Rivera, whose Cape Cod Files suite they performed. Ulex whipped it out on the piano, including her solo features of Gershwin "Nocturnes". The "Toccata" composed by fellow Imani Winds performer and composer Jeff Scott was out standing as well.
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