nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

Edison, the man not the city

Made a return visit to the West Orange Edison facility, which still houses my inspiration for what a library/hang out should been. His main building might at first seem a bit large for my needs but if I include rehearsal and performance space for my close friends and artist whom I admire, then it would be about right.

I should comment that the National Park Service is doing pretty good with increasing what is visible and comprehensible to the public. I was last there about 15 or so years ago and balancing the pluses and minuses and the pluses are in the majority.

I will post a photo to commemorate the visit but it will have to wait. Seems I left the camera in the rental vehicle. You see, I rented a van and took a week off from work to move my storage in Irvington NJ which I've had since summer of '92. There is the throwing out of some stuff but my books accumulated from 69 to 95 are now all in Queens and I look forward to seeing them again. Even if they are still in storage, it is a storage facility that I can get to when I have an hour here or there to go and peruse. My own little library. Not a place that I need to rent a car and drive for over an hour each way. Plus the new space is climate controlled where the old place was little more than a shed. Pew. So dusty and dirty everything is from being there.

So, the car, yes, well the Teen has it. (By the way, although he no longer is actually a Teen, I will continue to refer to him as such until he has distinguished himself beyond what I would expect from a teen.) He's taken the vehicle out the two previous nights and tonight. So far no issue. I wish us well. He did step up and help out with the book and stuff move and besides access to the vehicle when he is off work and when I'm not using it he doesn't seem to expect to be paid for his efforts. Significant progress. I might even have to start referring to him as the Young Man in a year or so.

Back to Edison. Between getting my stuff close by and seeing the Edison facility I am starting to feel restless and wanting to do something more than just pay the rent (although paying the rent in NYC takes quite a bit more than doing so in Texas and Louisiana did). Wonder where this will lead.


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