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another entertaining byproduct from being alive

Ah. Another rite of passage. Tonight went with my son to a pool hall near our apartment. First time to play pool for him. An ok place, owned and operated by Korean Americans; all the customers except us were Latins in their 20s and 30s. Waitresses were cute chunky 20 something Latinas with lots of cleavage showing. Too many 50 cent tunes were played. Some of the Columbian and Mexican pop tunes were entertaining, I enjoy accordians. I did get a kick out of one Latino metal band tune but that seemed to really bug my son.

The evening had started out with dinner at an Irish pub/restaurant. Curiously, the best part of my meal was the mashed potatoes and carrots. A skunky beer damped my enjoyment and the meal was almost ruined by the fish fillet not being fresh. I can't complaint though (assuming my entrails are not deranged by the fish) since they gave me $66 change when I paid the $34 bill with a 50 dollar bill. So a free meal and part of the pool hall fee were covered. I tipped $6 if you're keeping tabs. I usually correct people when they make a mistake like that, but I was glad to not pay for such a lackluster meal.

cheers folks.
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