nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

3 daze

It's over. net activity for the 72 hours:

too much TV: (Bourdain's No Reservation marathon on Sunday/Monday.

too much to eat: not so much the quantity but lots and lots of carbs and fats (beer and nuts). Now will take a couple weeks to knock off the 5+ pounds

sorted and bagged nearly a year of junk mail.

Saw / heard amazing music:

Fay Victor leading band of greats--Daniel Carter, Roy Campbell and William Parker, didn't know the drummer--and Sabir Mateen leading a trio--didn't know the bass and drum artists on a gig at The Local, 269 E Houston.

Pretty Things performing their unique 60s psychedelic album SF Sorrow live at Abbey Road Studios, a web broadcast that was then issued on DVD.

Lots of sleep except not last night, so I will struggle through today...
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