nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

hurricane reverie

A mass of wind and moisture named Earl passed a couple hundred miles east of NYC yesterday. In the city I saw familiar swirling angry looking clouds but that was about all we got. I don't even think we got any rain.

Hurricanes not being a rarity but not being commonplace in my experience trigger all sorts of memories. Of course there is the whole New Orleans thing, with many times having varied amount of wind and rain and temporary power loss and then that one when I was working in Hartford CT and I was worried and stayed in cell phone contact with my brothers until mysteriously many hours after the hurricane was past that contact ended and no word until at the end of the week they showed up at the folks place in OK.

This wasn't my first NYC hurricane either. There have been at least a couple times that dregs of some sort blew through. One in particular created a striking memory. In 2002. Again, don't recall any rain though there might have been some overnight. Coming our of the subway at 23rd and 6th Ave to the bright and gusty aftermath of the storm I found there to be a commotion on this early Sat. or Sun. morning. There was a large metal trellis or something of metal on the street and side walk between 23rd and 24th. I didn't have time to stop but I tried to take in what I could of the scene. What the heck is that and why is it on the sidewalk I puzzled as I skirted along the 6th Ave. curb. The realization that it was the crane that had been attending to the rising building on 24th struck me just before I saw that the blue plastic awkwardly draped at one spot was partially covering a person, a worker, who had the misfortune of standing at the wrong place at the wrong time when a gust of wind took down the crane.

The image has stayed with me as a reminder not so much of what a hurricane can do but when the events of 9/11 9/11 erupted that image of twisted metal and one person gave me a scale to imagine the scene at the base of the once buildings only multiplied a thousands time over.
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