nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

count my blessings

Let me see if I can get this before I fade or run out of time and need to jump in the shower.

I'm so lucky that I can keep a place to live that is relatively safe and clean and functional (forget about quibbles over plumbing and the overhead lights in the back 3 rooms, i should be grateful to have more than 3 rooms for the 4 people living here).

That I can afford to buy the belgium blonde ale Leffe for nearly $10 a sixpack and tastes so good with the week-old-in-the-fridge chicken tandoori leg and thigh my son left and which I decided to microwave instead of throw out. It tasted great (need to ask where he bought it) and if I don't get the runs (it didn't taste off) then it is all to the plus.

And the sorta ripe orange (a bit tart with green and yellow peel) left over from yesterday's 3 for $2 buy from the street fruit vendor was great with the little Lily O'Brien creamy caramel filled chocolate "truffle" I got for free when I bought a large double expresso chocolate hot drink from there a month or so ago.

Topped off by the funky whole leaf oolong tea that I've found from the big Chinese grocery over on Northern Blvd; I'm left full and momentarily sated as I listen to the mp3 of Robert Wyatt's sorta recent release, the 2007 "Comic Opera"

which I downloaded a few months ago and which inspired me to search down the box set with nearly all of Wyatt's solo albums and I'm lucky enough to be have the money to spend the $65 and the web-foo to find it, get it so I can guilt free enjoy the liner notes and discover from the credits that the trumpet/cornet player who is these days recording with Wyatt is Wyatt. Pretty great for a drummer vocalist. Pretty interesting how south African (Mongezi Feza) he sounds. I'd heard how Wyatt had liked so much working with Feza that I was wondering where he had found such a similar sympathetic musician.

I'm sure that by now I've left out a few of the things that were ringing in my head during my dinner reverie and also by now rising up in your mind (assuming you're still reading) are the mundane but good things you've had/done today.

It's late now. Need to shower and hop into bed with my accommodating (she never complains when I fart) wife; though she might scoot over and away when it gets bad. nite nite.

Hope you all too have moments when you can appreciate your luck to have some space to breath and enjoy at least something of this process we call life.

PS: nearly forgot, I'm lucky to be able to affort the $300 plus a month it is costing me this summer to keep 2 bedrooms air conditioned (what I hope is a conservative 77 degrees F) this summer. Phew. I use to pay less than half that for rent and utilities but now I'm so old that that was a long long time ago in NOLA and Texas.
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