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random notes and technical learning curve - words first
some sense later
random notes and technical learning curve
I guess I should post something to so that I am still lurking.

In case you've been worried that I'm washing off .5 to 1 pound of filth off in my nightly shower, I've solved that mystery. A minor sink overflow mishap necessitated wiping off the battery operated scale. During my close inspection to see if it had survived the splash I read an instruction about zeroing the scale before using anytime it is picked up or moved. Since it is stashed and taken out for use, my nightly before and after shower weigh-ins were with the first one without the scale being zeroed and the 2nd one being after being zeroed. Now that I know the weight is essentially the same before and after.

There was some other important random declaration that I had planned to make but it has slipped away for the moment. Work. Quick snack of dinner (lunch is now may main meal week days. Week ends evening meal on Sat & Sun is something pleasant with the NW.) doing the most glaring necessary household chore and then it is nearing midnight and time to clean up and glance at e-mail and sleep.

Weekends are mostly work too.

Vacation plan for this year is to take time to shuffle through stuff that is in storage and try to throw some out and consolidate. Not sure how that will work out...
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al_zorra From: al_zorra Date: July 23rd, 2010 07:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
Everybody who is lucky enough to be working -- are working all the time.

I hope you can relax and recharge a bit between throwing out and consolidating and organizing Stuphs.

Love, C.
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