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Working nearly every weekend (except the 4th). Had hoped to go see Al Pacino in Merchant of Venice for the Shakespeare in the Park thingy but didn't win tickets in the online lottery so instead went to the lower Manhattan River to River freebie yesterday: Summerstage . A medley of female featured broadway songs. There is no doubt of the singing talent of those on stage but it did seem to me to be pre-recorded but the rockettes quality chorus line dancing was live and lovely to be sure.

Got home and enjoyed the access of the internet to allow me to find out more about the performers I had seen. Two I most was curious about were Pearl Sun and Carrie Manolakas. Googling Pearl led me to this:

Ms Manolakas has her own site where I heard a song by Peter Lerman . Googling him lead me to his myspace page and a song he wrote: Netherlands Carillon.

One for the boys (and girls) living and growing up in harm's way.

What is the cost of all this oil.
Tags: music, new york
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