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Saturday night

I had a bright idea. The Buzzcocks are playing New York on a week night but out on Long Island on Saturday night. I've never seen the Buzzcocks. I moved to New Orleans just as the punk rock thing was getting started and while there were plenty of punks (both literally and music passing style) in New Orleans, I mostly focused on learning New Orleans and not on keeping up with the pop music of the day. So that was the past, and now so is Saturday night.

I did due diligence planning. From the venues web site I had clicked direction but that came up with just car/highway/freeway stuff. I put Crazy Donkey into a google maps search and came up with a location near Stewart Manor LIRR stop on the Hamstead line. Looked doable. Buy tickets online. Use Google to plan public transportation (I.E. - is it accessible from the Long Island Railroad). Google came up with a location just a few blocks from Stewart Manor station. A couple of blocks from there is a shopping strip or three with a few reasonable choices for dinner. NW agreed on going. She'd not seen the Buzzcocks either and it looked like I had figured the logistics out to her satisfaction.

OK, you can probably tell where this is going and that's that we didn't end up seeing the Buzzcocks. We got to Steward Manor. On the block where Google said the venue is located is a small quaint village country club. I called the venue and asked (Now he calls and asks...) for their location information. Got the address again. Asked for cross streets which caused confusion on the other end of the phone but they finally came back with Conklin. So quick PDA Google Maps (them again) search for Conklin and Route 110 (I don't trust the results based on address number) and I find the destination to be what looks like a long bit of a walk (but doable) from the Farmingdale station.

Fortunately (not that it did us a lot of good) we had got to Steward Manor an hour early. We got the train back toward NYC to Jamaica Queens where we had 50 minutes to get something to eat before training from Jamaica to Farmingdale. A bit of a dash but ok food at a kebab and burger place was found and eaten. So at 7:09pm we arrive at Farmingdale. We begin the walk. A bit far, NW is beginning to complain that if ever we do something outside the city we should rent a car. We get to Conklin and Route 110. Looking left and right we don't see the venue so I make a call. Which way do we go from Conklin. Again a bit of confusion in communication but the final word is that we go south so south we walk. At this point there is no sidewalk, just a worn path in the weeds next to the highway. A hundred yards of this and we come to a strip mall with mostly building materials: granite cabinet tops, sinks and tubs, roofing, siding, and so on. There are addresses. 1250. We are going to 1058. I peer down the highway and see building here and there but nothing I can identify. I know NW is getting tired. I point out the address and say I'm not sure how much further. It could be the equivalent of a block or two (no conventional "blocks" along the highway) or it could be as far as the next major intersection we see far down the road. I let her decide. Keep going or go back. She makes her decision mostly based on the walk back to the station and if it is 40 minutes, doing that at 10 or 11 PM seems unappealing. We go back.

All these trains we've been relying on run only once an hour. So we arrived at Farmingdale at 7:09pm. At 7:52pm we turned back. At about 8:25pm we are at the station but the next train back to NYC isn't until 9:09pm. The train will take us to a station just 2 subway stops from home and is clean and comfortable. A relief. There is the distraction of the college underclass kids who are talking loud and slamming down mixes of vodka and flavored sports drinks in preparation of hitting some club in Manhattan. But the night is early so no one is throwing up yet. No worries.

Today I had to look. How close were we when we turned back: maybe at most 40 yards, the equivalent of a couple of short blocks.

Oh, well, I'm tired enough today without having stayed out another 2 - 3 hours and having seen the Buzzcocks. All together we walked about 4.5 miles yesterday. The NW and I ended our evening watching Aqua Team Hunger Force season 5 DVD while slamming down one beer each. Number 1 in the 'hood G.
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