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sniff - words first
some sense later
Another LJ user, who shall remain nameless for now, made their LJ so that only friends can reply, and I, of course, am not one of their LJ friends. so here is my reply:

Maybe cause I was distracted from dealing with my friend going into the hospital with gargantuan kidney stones early on the morning of thanksgiving I found the day had passed and I had eaten nothing but a couple of leftover rice crackers. That night I went in search of turkey at the Georgia (open 24 hours) Diner on Queens Blvd. at about midnight. I had asked if at that late hour they still had some turkey dinners. The gorgeous busty dark skinned woman with unscrutable (to me) accent smiled and said, "yes, we have it here" pointing to the number 3 entree on their regular menu. Is it good that I now know I can have turkey breast slices over nut filled dressing with potatoes and gravy on the side 24/7/365? Before my plate was empty I've had enough thought I. I looked around and the gorgeous dark skinned woman was smiling and humming to herself as she brought a platter of fried squid to the table of young anglo couples who were muffing up the words to the Tupac tune they were playing on the jukebox. I accept at last, that the dark skinned woman would think of me no further than the plate she had served...

Happy Holidays.

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(Deleted comment)
wrayb From: wrayb Date: December 8th, 2003 05:12 am (UTC) (Link)


tanks for the sentiment. it wasn't you i'm referring to, i still won't name the culprit. i have a hunch why they made their lj so only friends can reply and it don't bother me at all. but since i hadn't noticed that my post wasn't going to be accepted and went to the trouble to write a few sentences, i decided to plop my comment in here.

have a good week.

i stay up wayyyy too late on sundays cause i don't want the weekend to end and then on Monday morning I'm like all hung over from no sleep.

(Deleted comment)
From: wrayb Date: December 9th, 2003 02:11 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: tanks

too often i only have sundays off. the overtime pay helps but 1 day is not a weekend.

ok, it's monday, which being raised in New Orleans, means to me that it is laundry day and red beans and rice day.

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