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Rambling mumbles because it's cold outside and I don't want to go to work.... - words first
some sense later
Rambling mumbles because it's cold outside and I don't want to go to work....
woke up early, 444am CT, 544 ET. Last day for the week in Chicago.

This week I was searching for information on Namgar, a Buryat singer/band I've recently become enamoured of. From central Asia, people living life between Mongol and Tibet culture. They happen to be Russian based on borders of today. The ways of China such that it is, lucky for them. Anyway, enough editorizing. When searching came across Legalsounds.com which is Russian based online music distributor who sells music based on length which interprets into you can buy most any pop song for 9 cents. Bought the whole Captain Beefheart catalogue (including 3 albums twice over) for about $20.00. Will have to see if my credit card ends up being scammed. I used the one that is most sensitive about scamming. Hell they keep shutting it down when I use it to buy gas while out of town. And they refused to allow it to be used for paying for Japanese guesthouse using European based web site.

Interesting puzzle: if I can get most any album for less than a dollar what do I want? I just wish that the service that has everything and you subscribe for 19.99 a month and artists get paid based on tracking downloads would become reality. I know that that almost exists, but not quite. Almost there.

I'm rambling. Been awake for 3 hours, reading "oral biography" about Truman Capote in between downloading Trout Mask Replica. Recently have become immersed in In Cold Blood which has made me interested in finding more out about Capote. Never was compelled by his precious fiction. Was mildly entertained and puzzled by his persona which I experienced at the beginning of my "career" and near the end of his via his Rolling Stone mag and Interview mag and Dick Cavett appearances.
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