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journal, journey - words first
some sense later
journal, journey
A journey. As the fall harvest holiday approaches and I was burning dvds to clear the hard drive of the aging work computer, I look at photos from last year visiting my mom. At funeral and during thanksgiving. After telling NW that I had no plans to visit mother for Thanksgiving and us making plans to go to Philadelphia for a day trip that weekend I am now seized by impulse to drive to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving day only. Drive Wednesday, Eat, drive Friday. Good. Now that I have written it down I does seem crazy. I may go a day or two earlier. Still driving back on Friday. The Teen can share in the driving and a 10-12 hour driving trip is certainly less painful than 6 hours in the hands of the airlines.

I'm made all the more family inclined by the travails of a friend from 10 years ago that I recently found in livejournal. He life partner is younger than I and had a stroke nearly a year ago and seizure of some sort this past weekend. In the face of mortality, greasy turkey gravy and dominoes with relatives because I can't talk sports with them seems almost appealing.

A journal.

NW have a routine of going out every Saturday and Sunday to do something if even to go to gallery openings. She does google for something free that might interest her. For that last 6 months unless busy with work or moving task I have accompanied her. Very often greatly enjoying the finding.

One such event this weekend, a performance of Desire by the Tail, a play by Pablo Picasso, was downright entertaining. Saw this Sunday evening. The previous day went to movie; Pirate Radio, a chortle of a romp through rosy Franklin style sunglasses of 60s british pop phenom of pirate radio. Glad that I read a proper warning review saying, "come ready to enjoy the music cranked loud and don't mind the movie too much" and so I did enjoy the experience.

The weekend dinners both were successes: Saturday we promptly marched from the movie to Lupa and were rewarded with immediate seating for two. It was meant to be. NW kept me conservative as is her wont and so I am hungry to go back. We shared the assorted meat cold cut platter and a small portion entree of sea bass. The former was great, the later merely good. In between the brocoli rabbe with ricotta and salad with lots of parmesan cheese were pretty good. I want to try more some time. Sunday night the Picasso play was preceded by lobster at this Spanish place on 23rd Street: Francisco's Centro Vasco Restaurant. They do lobster very well. Haven't ever tried anything else there.

I can rant about "I hate my life" but that is only because I don't like my work which enables me to indulge myself this way...

By the way, journey canceled because I've got to get my hernia fixed before the end of the year or lose the FSA. Feh.
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al_zorra From: al_zorra Date: November 18th, 2009 04:06 am (UTC) (Link)
How could YOU not love Pirate Radio?

I've seen trailers for it on a variety of netflixen ....

Love, C.
From: wrayb Date: November 19th, 2009 02:11 am (UTC) (Link)

non com

The movie is mildly entertaining. Mostly for the music and it does have some of those "radio only" moments where the fact of only a couple of people or even just one person communicating allows for some humanity and intimacy. But it also showed that side of radio, the egoism which always disgusts me, the "star" factor which I've never liked because it is too often assumed and not awarded and about which I had direct confrontations with peoples who thought that their ego vision was The Vision. Pirate radio was often hugely indulgent (the actual as well as the movie) and that has always been anathema to me. I've always tried for real people who really had something to share besides their need to be a center of attention. Rant rant.
al_zorra From: al_zorra Date: November 19th, 2009 02:30 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: non com

I get what you're saying very well. Been there and witnessed that myself. Still do, for that matter.

Love, C .
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