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me me me me me me - words first — LiveJournal
some sense later
me me me me me me
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shayesaintjohn From: shayesaintjohn Date: December 12th, 2003 08:39 am (UTC) (Link)

Jazzy fresh air

That is exactly what I was just about to write. Relaxed-cool-jazz. I like that icon the best. The one of your sons mask creeped me out...I think I mentioned that in one of my first comments to you....
From: wrayb Date: December 14th, 2003 09:02 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Jazzy fresh air

funny how i always react against being "classified" as jazz. methinks it is a combination of "I am not worthy" and a dislike for having a label assigned to me. Silly 0n my part since this is just a passing comment/reaction from a couple of people based on the look/mood of a photo of me. i guess i am just silly that way.

shayesaintjohn From: shayesaintjohn Date: December 15th, 2003 04:31 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Jazzy fresh air

Yes you are just silly that way. In person you may scream be-bop or rock'n'roll,but that photo says cool jazz...and it was a compliment. Jazz is sophisticated,uninhibited,inviting and an american original. I agree with you on the assigning of labels to people,I was assigning a label to your icon:) Is it snowing in N.Y.? I like snow for a week or two then I want it to go away...I used to live in Indiana and know what a pain snow can become...I only miss it slightly.
From: wrayb Date: December 15th, 2003 06:11 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: snowy fresh air

oooh. you make jazz sound so appealing. please don't misunderstand, I have taught jazz appreciation and have drunk deeply of the sounds that are generally grouped under that appellation.

Snow? This morning glorious big flakes filled the sky. I sat at my computer looking at pictures of Saddam Hussein while a fluffy layer covered the ground. Late afternoon rain started and now slush and ice are everywhere. I know that bad weather inconveniences some people but, for me, it makes the world so alive and interesting.

shayesaintjohn From: shayesaintjohn Date: December 15th, 2003 07:01 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: snowy fresh air

No misunderstanding here I got what you meant. Just wanted to push the issue.
You make me want to see snow fall right now. It is so appealing to watch snow flakes fall in the confines of a nice toasty home. Weather does make the world feel more alive. L.A. is sooo the same though it is a bit nippy right now,60 degrees. I miss thunder and lightning storms that shake the house...tornando sirens blaring,taking cover in the basement waiting for the "all clear". Excitement,fear and finally relief...good times.
From: wrayb Date: December 16th, 2003 05:19 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: snowy fresh air

fluffy fresh snow is so special, and fragile. Like spring flower blossoms, it changes so quickly, hardening or melting, or some combination of both.

Tornados and thunder storms. I spent many evenings in cellars waiting until the tornado warning was past. The practice paid off for my grandparents. One time when they came up from the cellar their house and those of their neighbors had been exploded by a tornado. The replacement their insurance bought just wasn't the same. Un-Dorothy-like I found that after the storm I never could really go back to Kansas (actually the panhandle of Texas for me) after having gone off to OZ...

Lightening storms are special too. Once my friends and I were sitting and speculating on middle east tensions and skirmishes developing into regional wars and blossoming into world conflagration. While that morbid and seemingly endlessly timely conversation evolved a storm had come up and a sudden flash of lightening was so close to our front room windows that for a moment, even through the curtains, so much light came in that it seemed that the wall had vaporized and that we could see outside just as if the wall was not there. We all thought that the missile silos just outside of town perhaps had been a target and we were going up in flames with them.

ah, storms.

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