nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

killer cold

Not the temperature. The bug. Felt off on Tuesday/Wednesday. Took generic benadryl as I have fairly regularly for the last week or two. It ran out on Wednesday. By Thursday I should have been in bed but work needed getting done so full doses of a triple play Benadryl acetaminophen, diphenhydramine HCI and phenylephrine HCI, (as if I know what that stuff is) every 4 hours got me to Friday night when I fell straight into bed when arriving home from work at . . . I not sure when. Can't remember when I left the last work site for the night, some time after 8pm I think. Anyway slept long hours Friday night and somewhat over the bug for Sat and Sun but still no pep. This sick out report replaces my reportage of actually a busy weekend. I try not to complain to the New Wife and The Teen, pretty much because they have no sympathy or empathy, only expectations for me to get 'er done. I done. Thank you to those who did let these words roll past their gaze.

I do have some interesting things to point at, maybe tomorrow.
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