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some sense later
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From: wrayb Date: October 1st, 2009 03:45 am (UTC) (Link)

bit role

aha, caught you exaggerating. Making Lynn, my one man cheering section, into plural peoples. Shame.

Lynn gave me a great photo he took once in Tipitina's. Dave Bartholomew came down to be on a show the Friday before Fat Tuesday. We were broadcasting from a little stage we set up downstairs. James Booker was playing at Tip's that night. The show host was Duke Dugas, Duke-a-Paducah. James and Dave were enjoying each other and it became a Kodak moment. Me, James, Dave, Duke. The three of them are looking at Duke's wife who was with doing the say Cheese thing with her camera. Only I am looking into Lynn's lens. I have such a silly grin on in that picture.
4 comments or Leave a comment