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LJ can be a journal but the whole readership aspect puts significant spin on that.

I'm not the only one who finds oneself ponder a moment or event of the day in regard to a possible LJ post. I almost never make the post. Will try one.

Saturday past, an afternoon of French opera sung by American opera enthusiasts. A night of young "alt" pop music sung in English by French men. The former to a room of a dozen or so in a musty New York public library basement room; the latter to a capacity crowd in New York Central Park.

Sunday, watched NYPL showing of DVD of Atomic Cafe. I saw it in New Orleans in the early 80s when it first came out. Curiously tragic that a discourse in regard to A-bombs is more relevant now than then. Afterward went to catch the weekly church organ recital at Grace Church on Broadway and 10th or so. Less than a dozen people. Churches as museums...

I'm at work and buried behind on work work work.

Life seems so fragile. Several terminations have followed some layoffs. The terminations were for the most part deserved but no less does it remind me how fragile circumstances are. I'm feeling it all the more since I have overextended myself with rent and storage places. What little money I had saved is going fast. Stuff stuff stuff. I want to put myself in storage.

That feeling reminds me of when growing up, school days, I often found myself in uncomfortable situation in regard to my classmates. I knew that come the next year the mix would change, different people, different teachers, different class. I just had to endure. I would wonder if I could somehow become unconscious until the disagreeable circumstances had past.

Well, better get back to work.
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