nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

End of summer

After an afternoon of sorta art film at the New Museum (actually mostly techno pop vids) we had pleasant dinner at Le Cubain and then went out to Coney Island. At the moment it is diminished but still carny glorious; we did a few rides. Besides the area associated with Deno's Wonder Wheel, there were a few rides from a traveling carny crew up from the south. One gent I exchanged a few words with said he was up from a small town in Georgia.

The equipment was battered and worn but we had our senses enjoyably discombobulated. I just about lost it on the big zero or whatever they called the car that goes in the upside down circle. Had to close my eyes and go with the flow to pull back from the ledge of panic and vomit. Yep, pretty fun. This photo is the NW looking at the ride in anticipation.

Then we took a chill down ride on Deno's Wonder Wheel.

Heart beats and sweaty palms under control, we headed over to the board walk. Fireworks scheduled for 9:30. I usually watch them from the far side of the park to see the rides and the fireworks in the same view but tonight we went to the rail.

A brisk breeze brought a slight chill but soon we were rewarded with flames coming up out of the sand.

I enjoyed this much more than the 4th of July show in Manhattan. Mostly because for the 4th I had gone up in a building with a primo view. Primo view yes, but we were inside and at a height where we were above most of the fireworks.

For the Coney show last night we had to bend our heads back to see it all as it burst and towered over us. Glorious night.
Tags: coney, fireworks
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