nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

female cat(s) looking for NYC home...

I should have posted about this a couple months ago but I wanted the Teen to take care of what he has got himself into: he has cats. He can keep only a cat. Therefore we have two females and one kitten that need homes. Perversely he has opted to keep the male. I say perversely because one of the females (not the mother of the kitten) has all the required shots courtesy of a trip to the vet brought on by pretty significant flesh wound done by the male. All that happened while I was in Japan for nearly 3 weeks in May so he dealt with it all himself, including all or nearly all the cost.

Anyway, a female who has all her shots and likes head rubs from humans.

A female with or without her kitten who is now about 4.5 weeks old.

And the kitten who will be ween-able in a week or so.

New Yorkers, e-mail me here. I'll even help with the shots for the other female and kitten if they going to good home.

None of them are neutered but that can get done if desired for reasonable cost. It's the shots that are costly.

If it matters, they all have black/grey/white tiger looks.
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