nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

The Move

Phase 1 is just about over: packing and moving.

Phase 2 is underway but still much to do: unpacking and organizing.

Although I guess actually phase 1 was finding the place. I still have very mixed feeling over the place. Over priced, not for the square foot in this part of queens and so close to a good subway/bus station. Over priced because the stairs are narrow and long, because the plumbing isn't quite right, because I can't really afford $2300 plus electric a month. The final bits are delayed because I have been last minute dispatched to Orange County CA.

It looks to be a cakewalk job, just bad timing. Don't know anyone in LA, except for a few photographers and models/talent to whom I am a fanboy. If there was something going on I would go hang out. Lenora, any recommendations???? Most likely Wednesday night is light and free....

Wow, exhaustion and the Brooklyn Brown Ale I just chugged just kicked in. Totally forgot what I was about to write. Probably some tirade over the Teen and how he has helped but not helped in the move or about what a hottie my wife is. She is. Only vague clue as to the status of the Teen and how best to get his help.

Later, chillins.
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