nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

fuzzy brain, drippy knose.

When in the showER, as I often do, I composed an LJ entry or two. Now a few minutes later I can't recall any of it. Brains all fuzzy from what I guess is allergies. Popping generic benadryl every 4 hours to keep breathing through my nose. This morning I did a system check on a customer's server and before I sent out the "every thing's AOK" update they called to complain that their application was not working right. I looked again and yep. I had looked at the system 30 minutes after it went kerplunk but the error messages did not register in my brain as error messages. I just had looked at it and went "oooh. messages. good." and didn't actually read them and process the words. So they were down for nearly 4 hours and had users complaining. Do the words coming from my finger tips make any sense. I'm not sure. Perhaps I should stop. Naw. I'll stop writing here but go ramble in some of your journals instead...
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