nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

what will tomorrow bring?

Woke up at decent time this morning. Did some web/e-mail/spam deleting. Uploaded last batch of Japan photos to flickr. Went back to sleep for majority of the day. Hope not too rough making it through work tomorrow.

On flickr I made a set for my photographs taken from the train. This isn't the first time that I've done this, taking photographs as the scenes rolling past the window, but this is the first time I made a near complete record of a trip and that I'm unleashing them out into the world. Nearly 500 photographs of the 50 minute ride from Ueno to Narita. Neither the start nor the end of the trip were photographed. I am, after all, fully and in every way, an amateur.

If you like, consider viewing as a slide show, be sure to select fast. There are a few photographs that show as black in the slideshow which I don't understand since they are not the darkest ones. Perhaps they have low contrast and thus don't feed well through the compression algorithm of the slide show.

click here to see the set of photographs

Tags: flickr, japan, photographs
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