nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

moving day...

IMG_2095, originally uploaded by strangerer.

Changing to another hotel in a few minutes. The next hotel doesn't advertise web connection in the room, just in the lobby. Not that I've had all that much time to read others LJ this week but I have been uploading the tourist snaps each night to my flickr account.

This hotel move is a big deal because I've got all my purchased accumulation of books and cd and dvds and I've got the Teens big suit case since he is off to visit his grandfatther for the day.

Yesterday I went to National Film Museum and it is east of Tokyo Station. In that area there seem to be a lot of flagship buildings/offices for well known to us all Japanese corporations. Many of them have a show room of some sort. Didn't have the time to check any out but Pilot Pens IMHO has moved beyond Japlish into full fledged punnery.


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