nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

been busy but here is my present

Some one asked in their journal for people to share their desktop. Since I am still in Japan this is what I got to show.

my backpack multi media me center
my backpack multi media me center
This backpack is my constant companion at work and on the road, holding my laptop and reading glasses and spare glasses and several USB adapters and changers and batteries and maps and visible inside the bag: Tolenol Cold Head Congestion Severe tablets. To it's side, what are usually inside the backpack; a black plastic bag with memory cards and batteries and my new little red nintendo bag which holds two digi cameras, a digi audio recorder and my nintendo DS of course. Also some mesh storage bags and USB and other cables.
APA hotel my desk my room
APA hotel my desk my room
At the moment on the hotel desk I have my cell phone sitting on the base of the tv; little fridge with "Sparkling Hop" beer and green apple flavor fizzy water juice inside; misc cables; memory card reader; hotel telephone which is never to be used (too expensive); the laptop; Bloody Butchers--my random purchase jpop cd (and to the far left barely visible on the chair which I moved because there isn't enough room between the bed and the desk for me to sit in it my super find Geisha Girls Show by Downtown featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto (of Last Emporer sndtrk & YMO fame)and Towa Tei (of Dee-Lite fame); tourist flyers and brochures on floor; slightly to the left of them the shoe horn and shoe brush provided by the hotel; back on the desktop on the right a black pile of glasses case, small digi camera case, billfold, change purse, little green 100 yen coupon for if I ever go back to the used manga cd & porn store where I bought aforementioned CDs (I'll be in this area for 3 more days so it is likely).

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