nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

Yokohama, 2nd day of Chinese New Year

IMG_2779, originally uploaded by strangerer.

Today was a total lay in bed and listen to downloaded mp3s (Harry Smith's American Music Anthology which I own on LP and CD and so I don't feel bad about downloading it and thus being able to listen to it at my leisure) and read LJ. Recovering from my week of touristing ended by a long day in Yokohama enjoying the continueing Chinese New Year celebrations. I've uploaded all the photos to my flickr account but haven't yet cleaned up the mess of the descriptions (feh, what buggy upload software they have) or decided yet what is worth putting into public view. Learned some more about Chinese tea and MaZhu, the dead at 28 goddess, protector of travelers from disease and evil, and had lots of buns to eat.

Tags: chinese, japan, photo, yokohama
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