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Modern foibles story 112335654 - words first — LiveJournal
some sense later
Modern foibles story 112335654
It may just be that I am an internet addict, but when at the computer I tend to keep clicking and typing with such engrossment that I don't heed the call of nature until I have to make a mad charge for the toilet room and god bless me if some one is already in there for I am dancing and clutching at that point.

Just now it is particularly ridiculous that I was twitching and squeezing me knees together cause I needed to pee cause I am sitting on the toilet (seat closed, pants on, if you please) because in here is the only place I can have a light on and not disturb anyone else since I woke up at 4am cause I just arrived in Japan for a stay of a few weeks. Just so you know.

By the way, anyone who thinks that it's a bum deal to be held in jail for just happening to have a legal health supplement (melatonin) with you when entering an Arab country might want to check out these links:


and current action:


the web site:


well, time for a nap, going to be staying up all night tonight at TG-Japan.


Current Location: in the loo, in Tokyo
Current Mood: cold feet

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From: wrayb Date: February 3rd, 2008 12:40 am (UTC) (Link)

flake out # 44697

Oh, Ed. The shame the shame. After making all the arrangments last night when I put on my leather pants and leatherette top and the leatherette top kept riding up to show my distended (read fat) gut and when I bent over the leather pants slipped down below the bulbuous buttocks (I once was so skinny that people would fear I had some disease) that my cold and jet lag seemed plenty reason to roll under the covers. woulda coulda shoulda. oh well.
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