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holly high days

I took monday off to have a 4 day weekend and now looks like I will be spending it in bed trying to get rid of this cold that has been dogging me since Monday night. Like, just sitting watching a movie on tv and suddenly aware that my throat was irritated and my nasal passages were getting clogged. xmas spent in bed except for 3 hours making xmas dinner that the teen didn't eat because he got last minute invite from his girl friend's mother who is in town for the week.

At work, customers would thank me and send me on my way instead of asking me to follow up on all the details for them, just so they could get rid of my sneezing and coughing obviously germ ridden self. Good. Got to go home a little early each day. The teen even did laundry by his self without me having to pay him to do it. Well, probably his need to have clean clothes while with his GF and her mom was a factor in that too.

Ya'll party extra hearty for me this weekend and new year.


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