nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

Berlin. Berlin Alexanderplatz

Taking the time to mark my receiving my order of the dvd box of Berlin, Alexanderplatz by Doblin/Fassbinder in the mail today. Doblin was one of the last of the great German writers I approached and I must admit that I have yet to finish any of his novels that I own in English. Still the flavor and scenes and concepts that I knew from him made me very excited when I found out way back in the '80s that Fassbinder was cinematizing Berlin, Alexanderplatz. And I have it all for exploration

Two pillars of German art, both working outside the accepted circles of art, fused into one 13 hour opus made for German TV.

I saw 7 or 9 out of the 13 hours when it played in theaters in the US for the first time. Now I will go through it all, probably on xmas.

Thinking back when I first felt excitement over Doblin makes me wonder if there are still young individuals who are throwing themselves at every challenge that literature has. Each culture had its own James Joyce, a writer who tried to put all of life from their corner of the world into a book. Everything from the little hair on her chin to the skeletons under the bed.

I've encountered people who explore and enjoy a wide range of music. Likely some people I know enjoy movies by Fassbinder and beyond. Literature?

Perhaps my aversion to academia has kept me away from those with avarice for challenging literature.

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