nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

In Mexico

Even though my apartment has mice and roaches and the teen doesn't seem to be able to take out garbage or ... well, no need to go into all the little messes ... I have lots of my own, anyway: It's good to be back home. Nice to have a typical weekend lite breakfast of cranberry walnut bread with tart, not very sweet, orange marmalade and a single-plantation-harvest-date-known black tea. Laundry and travel expense reimbursement reports were my top priority today but I also want to share a bit of my last day in Mexico with you.

That's my last meal in Mexico (this trip) being prepared. A little food court in the Mercado Insurgente on Calle Londres in Zona Rosa which is a warren of dozens and dozens of Mexican crafts and trinkets shops. I didn't photo any of them since I was constantly being barraged with "Senor, I make you a very good price, it costs you nothing to look, please come in and see," etc. while I tried to select a couple of scarfs/rebosos for my daughter. Upon the suggestion of the proprietress (not pictured) I ordered a few taco sized quesadillas (pictured). Ate one each of cheese, chicken and beef; got an alfalfa, guanababa & lime liquidada from the juice shop across the aisle and dashed off to the airport.

The trip to the airport and 5-6 hours on the plane were the end of a long day which started at about 4:20am.

Friday night I had fallen asleep to audible but distant sounds of a band from the party hall across the street but did not connect that to the noise of people shouting and loud bangs of doors and slams of something against metal. As I grabbed my glasses I envisioned a minor riot and dozens of policia dispersing the rowdy and perhaps militant celebrants.

Nope just a bunch of jolly and drunk middle aged party goers calling out good byes and getting into their cars as they were brought out from the parking garage.

In 20 or so minutes they had dispersed but I'm sure they woke up everyone in the hotel, at least on the lower 4 floors (I was on the 3rd floor).

It took a while but I did get back to sleep for about an hour or so. I hadn't packed yet and this had been a shopping trip so that took me a while to do. I went out at about 10am to buy some duct tape to secure the straps of one of my bags. I happened to notice some vendors with spreads of odds and ends spilling out the entrance to a mall filled with antique shops. The antique shops have mostly furniture and 19th century art, so I had not paid any attention to it besides checking out their tableau in tribute to Frida Kahlo they put up for Dia del Muerte a couple weeks ago.

Saturday the hallways and central plaza of the mall were filled with many vendors with vintage used goods. The antique shops had stuff out but there were used records and lots of used books too and of course, lots of ceramics and jewelery. I resolutely avoided buying anything thing (except a pair of ear rings for The Daughter) but had to sneak some photos of a few pieces that if I had the money and space I would have been sorely tempted to buy. It really was amazing.

That folk violin is about 1.5 to 2 inches thick.

A phonograph player of some sort and a camera complete with plate/negatives, chemicals (containers, likely chemicals long ago dried up).

A painting of a brothel scene. This vendor had another painting of a restaurant/bar scene that is equally interesting but there was too much glare on the plastic wrap to get a reasonable photo (this one has glare on it to but I just had to share.

Books: From Buck Rogers to buck naked (bathing?) indios plus autographed photo of star of yesteryear and some Little Mothers.

And a final shot before boarding the airplane in the brand new terminal with almost no signs explaining where anything is and absolutely no shops for those last minute tequila purchases but lots of open space and gotta love those lights.

Oh well, back to regular grind in a few hours.

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