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Dia del Muerte

Hope ya'll all had nice halloweens.

I write to you from a hotel in Mexico City. Last week I was told that I would be here for work. I am here. The equipment I am here to install is in customs. Tomorrow is Dia del Muerte which is such a major holiday in Mexico that the customs clearance office closed early today so I have little to do until Monday. Plus my cell phone doesn't work so they can't easily reach me for me to give tech support to customers in the US and Canada. Que lastima!


I post that picture taken on my taxi ride from the airport because I like the color theme going between the car and the building wall.

I'm in a hotel down the block from the US embassy so they are plenty used to gringos here. So used to gringos that at the Sanborn's department store next door they tried to short change me 20 pesos by giving me a bunch of coins assuming I wouldn't/couldn't count it all. Unfortunately for the cashier lady I had just done a count-the-change drill trying to figure out the value of the coins so I could properly tip for the meal I had just had. When I pointed out the error she came up with 20 peso bills instead of coins she had given me at first.

It was all to the advantage of the indio nina (I know, I am too lazy/incompetent to figure out how to do the accents and enyes) who has been begging all day near the hotel since I split the amount I recouped from the cashier with her.

The beggars I've seen around here so far are all children and little indio mamas and grand mamas. Today most of the children have plastic jack o lanterns so they are like dirty disheveled trick or treaters. The mamas and the ninos are a pretty sad looking bunch.

The meal I had was so so at a place called Nueva Cuba. The food was not at all Cuban except sorta the mojita I had. I ate tacos and flautas because I decided against one of the large seafood dinners. The place sports the name Nueva Cuba not because of the food but because of the music. I was there for the early set, a loose rambling selection of cha cha chas and sons that carried the mood. As I was leaving I saw a chalk board on the side walk touting the grupos, a different band every two hours, scheduled for the night. There was a dance floor where 20 or so couples could cha cha cha or do whatever danzon is done to the son. It was moderately full while I was there and the energy level was building as I left at about 8pm. Since tomorrow is a holiday I guess people were in weekend/festival mode or the place could be hopping every night for all I know.

I have only been here one full day so far and I am hoping to enjoy some good food. It will have to be serious good since back home in Queens just a couple of blocks from my apartment I can get this:


The most silly part of me trying to communicate here is that I keep slipping in Japanese words and bowing and saying HAI! instead of si. My brain just isn't wired very well for learning different languages. See how far I have yet to go to become effective communicating in English.
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