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The regrettable day of the Spinning Lady

I really really need to get something done today besides snack and dally on the computer/internet.

Over the last few weeks this have been making the rounds (literally and figuratively)

If you open the image in a new window you will see it spin. The lj scrapbook process seems to have some effect on animated gif images.

Anyway, most of us have probably seen the image recently from this link:,21598,22492511-5005375,00.html

Today another ripple of interest on lj linked to a blog

which pointed out it was Bistable perception at work, not left brain / right brain stuff so I looked it up on Wikipedia, of course:

In that Wikipedia entry is/was a link to this blog which has the best explanation I've seen so far:

Since I've all along only seen it as clockwise rotation, after the additional explanations I had to try and get it to go counter clockwise. With the original gif I could only get it to go counter clockwise for a split second when viewed at extreme periphery. So obsessed with this that I've now made it into my screen saver and you have have it too.

I've had to compress the scr file into a zip to share it since scr files were once notorious for being used to spread computer virus like problems to computers. This is a Microsoft windows thing. Copy the scr file into your \system32 folder and you should then have the option for spinner as a screen saver when you right click and choose properties on your desktop. If that doesn't help you enough well, sorry but this is my obsession not my occupation.

I've only tried it on my middlin' laptop running XP so YMMV (your mileage may vary) and all that. It isn't pretty. I just did a quick convert of the gif into slideshow into screen saver using Irfanview. It flickers a bit, so [*standard disclaimer*] those prone to seizures please take care in its use because I cannot be held responsible or assist you physically, but the flickering is slow since I slowed it down a bit (.1 second) which finally enables me to see it go either way without extreme squinting.

Please, someone put a limit on my internet and computer usage....
Tags: picture internet meme madness
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