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another way to avoid actually doing anything. - words first — LiveJournal
some sense later
another way to avoid actually doing anything.
ok you asianfiliacs out there. this web site rules for asian vids. movies, tv drama serials, music vids. lots more. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, probably lots more but I am mostly aware of the Japanese stuff because the teen watches hours a day on there.

the teen just finished watching ikebukuro west gate park tv durama. I found parts of it entertaining. some part were just too too. the teen shouted: you're not Japanese, you're old. Both true.


this time next week i will be finishing packing and soon off to Japan for 3 weeks. This time I am trying to minimize family obligations and actually be a tourist a bit. In fact I better get back to planning my diversions there.


ps - nearly all i've seen so far were subtitled, done pretty well too.

Current Music: Weird Al doing Eat It on Japanese TV

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