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my computer is a jukebox

Yesterday I was seeing what I could learn from the internet about Panjabi MC . I googled to this UK Nokia web site where they have mp3 samples of all the ring tones available for Euro and UK users. Now I have nearly 500 15 to 1:15 second midi sounding distillations of songs we know love and hate playing in rotation. Popeye the Sailorman to nearly every 50Cent tune. Britney Spears to the national anthem of North Korea. Chubby Checker to Chariot of the Gods soundtrack. Being UK focused it includes those particularly Brit songsters like Cliff Richards and the Sex Pistols and Bowie Space Oddity and more current others.

Combining finding the nokia site with this pop matters critics list of 100 most important songs since Johnny Rotten roared and I've been immersed in pop music for the last 24 hours...

Just he'p me now...
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