nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

Summer means fun

OK, so many diverse people have raved about Transformers I am going to go see it in a theater. Big screen is best place to check out CGI anyway. Besides I don't have air con.

Random internet entertainment; which I came across while trying to track down a particular Japanese jazz performer (yeah, right) this web page.

OK a summer bikini themed event, bet there are lots of those every year. What I found intriguing is the lower 1/4 of the page where points are awarded for style, sexy and cute.*** The sexy factor made me realize yet again that despite my history that I do exist on the other side of the planet from Japan. The mainstream anyway. Likely I am on the other side of the planet from US mainstream as well so now I wonder what I am going on about.

Enjoy your summer too.

***in case you're interested [NOT], the most sexy to me is the reporter who finally gets down to her bikini in the last few pics at the bottom of the page.
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