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just another saturday

A curious start to 3 day weekend. First thing this morning I did extensive telephone consultation to ex-. She is doing a translation from English to her native language of a short essay written by someone who doesn't know English very well and whose native language neither my ex or I know at all. Not even how to pronounce the names mentioned in the essay. But the potentially painful process went fairly smooth which left me feeling relieved and elated.

Then after an Irish breakfast (4 kinds of breakfast meats, eggs, heavy tasty bread and lots of tea) I drug my son along with me to a thrift shop for dusty record shopping. He didn't seem to mind too much and even took over the job of checking to see if it was the right record in the jacket and that it wasn't too scratched. Plus he helped me lug the 138+ records home.

Today's haul includes a bunch of Greek albums. Nice aspect of such a multicultural neighborhood is all the variety that shows up in the thrift shop. Other extremes include Van Halen's 1st two albums, Olivia Newton-John "Physical," and lots of opera: got very good performances of Don Carlos and Tristan and Isolde. Pops additions to my wall of sound include Commodores (Natural High), Tom Jones (Live in Las Vegas), Jefferson Airplane (Surrealistic Pillow) and Four Tops (Reach Out). Female vocal finds include Lena Horne (At the Waldorf Astoria--which I think I might already have) and Patsy Cline (A Portrait of). The Patsy Cline is nice. It is in excellent condition and is the first repackage of material that Decca records did after her death. I guess it must have been manufactured in mid or late 1963 when it was suave to proclaim that the record was a "High-Fidelity Record!" Oops. Consulting I see that is was in 1964 and was the second repackage from Decca.

My rhythm lust is sated by a few "A Academia do Samba" records from the early 70s and a "Sparrow: Calypso King" that a Ms DeJong received from a vacation in Trinidad in the 60s or 70s. This album is a reissue of Sparrow's 1960 first recording session with a major label and it has great jacket with photographs and details from that session.

The shot in the dark for today is Chianita who is a very dark skinned lady from Puerto Rico. The records are produced by a company that was based in Florida and picture her as a middle aged lady from the tropics. A P.R. Celia Cruz?

I now dash off to the tropical rhythms of "El Disco del Ano" which is "come lo vista en TV" but I can't figure out what year they are talking about. Will I ever find a dance partner?


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