nostrangerer (wrayb) wrote,

In Toronto

Got here Saturday afternoon and went right to work and worked until nearly 10pm after I worked past midnight Friday and was at a different site in NYC Saturday morning. Was too tired to even eat dinner last night. Ate a few handfuls of trail mix. So far in this fair city I've had breakfast this morning at Sunset Grill and lunch yesterday and today at Tim Horton. Another typical work trip. Spending all my time awake and while having any energy in server rooms and then in the hotel room vegetating on the net.

This evening just after coming back to the hotel room I looked out the window and saw golden light from the unseen sunset reflecting off of the buildings. I walked over to the window to get a better look and happened to glance down and see a shapely young woman in only panties and a towel wrapped around her head. She was opening curtains. She was next to the window for only a few seconds and then moved away, out of my line of sight. I watched a bit longer curious if I should happen to get another glance. I was just chiding myself for thinking erotic thoughts about something so common place as coming out of the shower and opening curtains when I saw a few flashes like from a camera. Near nude young woman. Camera flashes. Now they had my attention. But that was all there was to see.

Then I watched three episodes from the 3rd Dave Chappelle show on YouTube. Now after a shower I find myself hungry and it is after 11pm. It is Sunday night, but maybe I can find something fit to eat. I know of a few Vietnamese and Chinese food places that would be nice and are probably open now but they are not close by. Eh, at least I'll go out and walk a bit.

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