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OK, millions of people have their own slice of the blackout story.… - words first — LiveJournal
some sense later
OK, millions of people have their own slice of the blackout story.

I spent hours on Madison Ave watching people go through changes as it got dark wondering if I should go ahead and walk or not the 6 or so miles home. I ended up walking most of the way to Jackson Heights, Queens. Have tender feet now. Calloused and tender. My work shoes are fairly comfy and supportive but 40 pounds of tools gave me extra workout. Although I know some people really can't take the heat or lack of subways, in some ways this is just another subject for the 9/11 trinket industry to capitalize upon. Oh, yes, and for the power companies and regulatory bodies to finally respond to all the warnings that resulted from the California power issues that occured a few years a go.



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shayesaintjohn From: shayesaintjohn Date: August 16th, 2003 02:51 pm (UTC) (Link)

I know but I want to hear yours...

I am so glad you finally updated. Good to hear from you. O.k what was it like in the dark for so long. It sounds exciting if you did not happen to be in an elevator or on the subway. Looking at all those people crossing over tha bridge sent the 911 chills through me. N.Y. is perfect for terror is it not? Centralized population one bridge leading in and out...omg. I am so glad the hoodlums did not take advantage this time around...like in 1977...I think even those punks were terrorized during 911 and the black out made them think this time around....of course hoodlums are usually the biggest scardy cats...bully's are always the first to crumble. I am glad that people came to together and did not make a bad situation worse. I remember after the '94 earthquake, walking around looking at the damage and seeing the temp campsites in every park, that I wanted to remember every bit of it because of how surreal and once in a lifetime (i hope)all of it was. What a trip that was...strangely exhilerating.
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