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in the news, from a cave - words first — LiveJournal
some sense later
in the news, from a cave
If you see some news coverage of the fire on the BQE by where the 7 train crosses then you just might see my apartment building (that link will probably not be good very long). Curiously, if I was not out doing laundry I may not have known about the fire until people at work on Tuesday asked me about it. I would have just wondered why there were so many helicopters buzzing and what the source of that acrid smell was. I am on the opposite side of my building from the fire so I can see just some extra haze in the air.

There have been other fires in this neighborhood, mostly apartment fires that since they didn't stop train service or shutdown a freeway they didn't get into the news so I never read or heard what loses there may have been. Fire worries me far more than any threat short of major cataclysm. I have a ton or more of books and records in my apartment and my storage space. At this point in my life it is questionable why I hang on to it all (though I am glad that my son is interested in the music) but my lifestyle is built around these big piles of cultural detritus.

[kaaAAHHH SneeeEEZZZE! - dang the smoke is pretty nasty, glad that fire is a couple blocks away]

Fire is scary to me because of all this stuff I hold onto.

Hurricanes: you can choose the building/location/part of planet to minimize the threat.

Theft: shit, among all the dusty Frank Harris early editions or fragile Bing Crosby and Mozart records who can find anything of value. In my last break-in I lost my camera because I had happened to leave it sitting out on a table near the front door.

Fire: this shit would burn like a mother and a ton of melting burning vinyl would surely complicate the situation.

But on to happier thoughts...

A couple days ago I finished reading Margaret Cho's I'm the One that I Want. I wonder why she held back so much. Publisher concerns about law suits? No, I think she is just too sensitive. A little kidding here. It is hard to do a tell-all with everybody still walking the planet. I find it near impossible to write out of discomfort over what others would think about what I may report and think.

Serendipity dictates that Cho's ill fated tv series All American Girl is being released on DVD.

Well the helicopters are gone now. I wonder if I should go join the hordes of looker-ons that will fill the street. Naw, it is a few hours before sunset, I'll go later. As for that cave thing, I'll come back to that later. I need to get something to eat. All those burning petrochemicals are making me hungry.
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