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no fun - words first
some sense later
no fun
brain all drained. Was going to try to express thoughts on several threads. I'll just dash it off and see if it makes any sense when I read it again in a couple of days. You, well, you've been alerted.

First off:

Beggars in Hartford CT vs those in New York. Something about, for me, in New York I know just how close I would be to being homeless if I didn't have lots of credit cards to carry me over times of joblessness. Knock wood. In Hartford I can't see the context. Lots of squeeky clean cut people and some beggars who seem from another part of the planet.

Next up:

I got 24 Hour Party People from Netflix a while back and finally watched it last weekend. Very interesting for me. Joy Division was the last band for me to discover before I stopped keeping current with rock/pop music. Of course, being in Dallas TX meant that my friend played me their album for the first time only weeks before Mr Curtis exited. I haven't watched the movie all the way through yet, skipping to the dvd extras after Curtis's suicide. For the last 3 days I have been constantly humming this version of "Love will Tear US Apart" which I found last spring via a live journal friend.

OK. I either must go do work or sleep now. I choose sleep.


Current Mood: groggy fading fast
Current Music: Albert Kuvezin, Love will Tear Us Apart

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saintwhocares From: saintwhocares Date: October 7th, 2005 02:51 am (UTC) (Link)
very good movie
very good band
very good song
that's a trinity
or trifecta
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